A Best-in-Class App: The Book

A technical guide and proven tips on
how to make and design the very best iOS apps.

The Book

Think the human interface guidelines and
code samples, but combined. And on steroids.

Master Accessibility APIs
We start here, because an app should be designed for everyone. Learn how to do it right.
Core Technologies
Dynamic type, multiple windows and more. Learn how to do the things that make apps leverage the platform.
Leverage iOS
Siri Shortcuts, App Clips, iCloud sync. Know when to use the best iOS has to offer.

The App

A companion that shows exactly how all of these concepts work in practice.

SwiftUI and UIKit
See how to use both of these frameworks to achieve a high quality app.
The Ultimate Sample Code
One app with several entry points to learn how to use nearly every iOS technology available.
Easy Referencing
Jump straight into code from chapters in the book.
Xcode Screenshot

The Screencasts

Follow along with me as I go even deeper into how to think about design and making smarter decisions on which APIs to use and which to skip.

Short, Bite Sized Videos
Each video is less than five minutes with to-the-point information. No fluff.
No Rants, Just Applicable Knowledge
After each video, you'll have something new to consider for your designs or code to bring back to your app.
At Your Own Pace
Videos on design, accessibility, iOS technology, and user experience.

Who am I?

My name is Jordan, and I've been making award-winning apps for the iOS platform since iOS 4. My most recent app, Spend Stack, was acquired.

Before its acquisition, it won awards, was frequently covered by the press, showcased by Apple's editors since its release, featured as App of the Day and chosen to be a retail demo in stores.

Along the way, I've learned a lot about design and what it means to be a great platform citizen. I keep a running list of how to make your apps best-in-class here, and it's the inspiration for this book.

Ready to get started?