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iOS 13: Notable UIKit Additions

Though UIKit wasn't the star of the show, its number of improvements certainly don't show it. Let's see what's new in iOS 13 for our favorite framework.

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WWDC 2019: The Pregame Quiz

iOS 13 is coming. Before Marzipan and Dark Mode show their respective faces, let's enjoy another annual pregame quiz!

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Any application on iOS is a purveyor of data in some capacity. NSSecureCoding ensures that this data is what it says it is, and will do what it says it should do.

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I Made Some Pancakes

What can fluffy butter cakes teach me about indie development? Apparently, just what I needed to learn.

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Handling iCloud Assets

Rich media plays an important role in the mobile ecosystem. Working with them when they're located off-site requires some nuance.

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Optimizing Images

iOS is a visual medium teeming with beautiful images in virtually every app on your phone. Important though they are, it's trivial to mismanage them from a memory and performance standpoint.

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Dealing with Home Indicator

View Controllers are notorious for the amount of responsibilities they have, but get ready for one more. Here's how to handle the home indicator.

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Swift Keywords

Swift has quite a few keywords. Let's look at every single one, what it does and provide a code sample.

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UIStackView: A Field Guide

Stack View has been pushed heavily by Apple, but sometimes its complexity overshadows its utility. A few simple tips can help ease that burden.

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