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Happy When?

Indie development is about having a strong mental game as much as it is strong development skills.

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Spend Stack: Year One

Spend Stack has been out one year! Today, I take a second to reflect on all that has happened since it released.

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iOS 14: Notable UIKit Additions

If you thought UIKit was getting pushed to the side with the rise of SwiftUI, you were wrong. There's a lot that's new, improved or revamped - let's take a look.

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WWDC 2020: The Pregame Quiz

And here we go - iOS 14, SwiftUI tweaks and Catalyst fixes are on the way. It's time for another WWDC Pregame Quiz!

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The Big Update

Spend Stack just recently wrapped up its first big update. Turns out, they are critical to paid up front apps.

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Classic House Favorites

Introducing Spend Stack

If I write about indie development, I suppose it's time to reveal my indie project. Many years in the making, here's Spend Stack.

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A Best in Class iOS App

What is a best in class iOS app? How are they built, and can we quantify what makes them great?

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Optimizing Images

iOS is a visual medium teeming with beautiful images in virtually every app on your phone. Important though they are, it's trivial to mismanage them from a memory and performance standpoint.

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Swift Keywords

Swift has quite a few keywords. Let's look at every single one, what it does and provide a code sample.

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