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Keyboard and Combine

Tech Note

Handling the keyboard on iOS is a rite of passage if not also a little tiresome. Fortunately, Combine makes it better.

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Creating a Retail Demo for Apple

Spend Stack was selected by Apple to be included as a retail demo on iPhones & iPads across the globe. Here's what the process was like.

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Dynamic Master Detail View Background Colors

In my quest to pretty up some of the rougher edges of Spend Stack, today I turn my attention to styling my interface in Master-Detail Views. Easy to describe, harder to do.

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Another core piece of functionality arrived in Swift 5.1 - built in diffing. Let's take a look.

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Empty View With Diffable Datasource

Empty views are a critical piece of user experience on iOS. Today in tech notes, I explore how this might be done with diffable datasource.

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Classic House Favorites

Introducing Spend Stack

If I write about indie development, I suppose it's time to reveal my indie project. Many years in the making, here's Spend Stack.

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A Best in Class iOS App

What is a best in class iOS app? How are they built, and can we quantify what makes them great?

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Optimizing Images

iOS is a visual medium teeming with beautiful images in virtually every app on your phone. Important though they are, it's trivial to mismanage them from a memory and performance standpoint.

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Swift Keywords

Swift has quite a few keywords. Let's look at every single one, what it does and provide a code sample.

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