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Short, complete solutions to common iOS problems.

  • Create a Basic Shortcut using App Intents

    App Intents

    Make a shortcut that repeats a phrase with App Intents.

  • Basic Keyboard Navigation for Collection & Tableview.


    Use the focus system with hardware keyboards.

  • Use Swift Concurrency with Completion Handlers

    Swift Concurrency

    Convert a function using a completion handler to use Swift Concurrency.

  • UICollectionView with UIContentConfiguration for Cells, Compositional List Layout and Diffable Datasource.


    Create a UICollectionView with the new modern APIs.

  • Create Dividers in UIMenu using UIKit


    Add a divider in UIKit Context Menus.

  • Using UIDragPreview to Customize Drag Items


    Leverage UIDragPreviewParameters with UIDragPreview to change how dragged items appear.

  • Drag to Reorder in UITableView with Diffable Datasource


    Support drag to reorder in a UITableView using a diffable datasource.

  • Collapsible UICollectionView Sections


    Create a basic UICollectionView with a collapsing section.

  • Adding Keyboard Shortcuts


    Add some keyboard shortcuts.

  • Respond to Keyboard Presses


    Respond to keyboard presses.

  • Creating a Siri Shortcut


    Create a basic shortcut that will show in the Shortcuts app.

  • Spotlight Search using NSUserActivity


    Expose data from Spotlight search using NSUserActivity.

  • Spotlight search using Core Spotlight

    Core Spotlight

    Expose data from Spotlight search using the Core Spotlight framework.

  • Diffable Datasource with UITableView


    Setup diffable datasource with UITableView.