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Set a Preview Shape for Views Presenting Context Menus

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Welcome to Snips! Here, you'll find a short, fully code complete sample with two parts. The first is the entire code sample which you can copy and paste right into Xcode. The second is a step by step explanation. Enjoy!


The Scenario

When presenting a context menu from a SwiftUI view, it defaults to a rectangle shape. Here’s how you can change it:

import SwiftUI

struct RowContent: View {
    let image: String 

    var body: some View {
        Button {
        } label: {
            Image(systemName: image)
        // 1
        .contentShape(ContentShapeKinds.contextMenuPreview, Circle())
        .contextMenu {
            Button {
            } label: {
                Label("Share", systemImage: "square.and.arrow.up")

With that, the we get a nice, rounded preview shape when presenting the context menu:

Context menu presenting with a shape.

For reference, here’s what it would look like without any customization:

Context menu presenting with a default shape.

The Breakdown

Step 1
To customize the shape, simply use the .contentShape<S>(_ kind: ContentShapeKinds, _ shape: S) modifier and use contextMenuPreview for the first argument, along with the desired shape in the next one. That’s it - super easy, but easy to miss.

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