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Things I Did in 2022

// Written by Jordan Morgan // Dec 12th, 2022 // Read it in about 1 minutes // RE: The Indie Dev Diaries

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Each December, I take three weeks off from work and simply relax. Like, relax relax. I try not to do any side project, I don’t work on my book series - I just hang with my family. Of course, because I’m insane, even my relaxing time off is systemized:

A screenshot of Things 3 with a project how to spend time off during a Christmas break

But I can’t be helped, your boy loves a good list. The euphoric feeling of ticking something off just never gets old to me. Plus, no goal system of mine is complete until I have Shortcuts ready to go to quickly review all sorts of insights, metrics and what-have-yous:

A screenshot of Shortcuts on macOS

Anyways, today I stopped to take a look at my progress for 2022 and I was actually surprised. Lately, I’ve been feeling the weight of the things I didn’t do that I wanted to, and conflating that with a job not-well-done.

I didn’t ship an app, get my abs back or finish a book - and I very much am longing to do all of those things, but I did…

  • Start and finish like four apps, getting about 50%-80% of the way done. And, I learned a lot! It was so freeing popping open Xcode and just going crazy for the sport of it.
  • I wrote 43 (forty three!) blog posts.
  • I shipped content updates to my book series every two weeks, as promised. Thousands of pages, tons of code samples, a mountain of research, etc.
  • I made $37,770 from the book series - wow! How could I be anything but thankful? It’s a far cry from its 2021 sales, which were over $110,000, but that was also its initial launch. So, I’m just happy people are still discovering it and buying it.
  • I launched, then unlaunched, then kinda quietly relaunched sponsorships for this site which were a success, but much more time consuming than I had thought. I’ve settled on accepting one per month, which I haven’t advertised, but have started doing. Those made a touch over $5,000.
  • …all while keeping a healthy balance (for the most part) of keeping my family and mental health first.

I know this blog post doesn’t really have much of a point, and I do try to write something that others can get some sort of value from by reading it. But if anything, I guess this one is for me: Go Jordan, you actually did a lot! And next year, you can do some more!

Maybe that’s the point? To take a step back and evaluate things. Perhaps you actually did a lot more than you think you did in 2022.

Until next time ✌️

P.S. - And yes, this is still very much happening, and is my primary goal for 2023.


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