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Using Keychain Access to Store Sensitive Data

// Written by Jordan Morgan // Jan 14th, 2024 // Read it in about 1 minute // RE: macOS

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Here’s something I didn’t know about Keychain Access on macOS - secure notes. After a little research, it seems to be a sensible place to store your sensitive data. Just open it up, and choose File -> New Secure Note Item:

A screenshot of Keychain Access.

Recently, I was moving off of 1 Password, where I had previously stored my social security numbers. Previously, I had relegated Keychain Access to simply managing passwords or certificates, I had no idea you could use it for something like this. If you put the file in your iCloud keychain, it’ll also sync to your other devices.

It goes to show you that macOS is always the dog that’s teaching you new tricks. It wasn’t but a few months ago that I learned you could setup 2FA codes within macOS’ password screen:

A screenshot of setting up 2FA in Password Settings.

Which is phenomenal, because you know what isn’t great? Literally every 2FA app - iOS, macOS or otherwise.

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