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WWDC 2017: The Pregame Quiz

// Written by Jordan Morgan // Jun 4th, 2017 // Read it in about 1 minutes // RE: Trivia

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If you’d like a quick primer on how this all works or how it got started, check out the first two quizzes from 2015 and 2016. This year, in lieu of technical questions, I’ve created all random, general knowledge questions about W.W.D.C., iOS and Apple in general.

Participants — hop onto your dispatch_queue_create(@”QUIZ_TIME!”)⚡️

Ground Rules

There are three rounds, and the point break down is as follows:

  • Round 1 – 1 point each answer
  • Round 2 - 2 points each answer
  • Round 3 - 3 points each answer

The last question of each round is an optional wildcard question. Get it right, and your team gets 4 points, but miss it and the team will be deducted 2 points.

Round 1 — Dub Dub History

Question 1:
The first W.W.D.C. conference was held in what year?

Question 2: During W.W.D.C. in 1998, OpenStep was formerly renamed to Cocoa. During its development, what was the code word for OpenStep?

Question 3: Steve Jobs (mostly) famously gave W.W.D.C.’s opening keynotes until he passed away. Fans, media and developers alike coined a terms for a Steve Job’s lead keynotes — what was it?

Question 4: Recently, W.W.D.C. had been housed in the historic Moscone West in San Francisco — what was the first year it was held at the San Jose Convention Center?

Wildcard: Everyone knows the history of Apple’s famous founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. However, there was third founder who sold his 10% cut early on for $800, with an additional payout of $1,500 — now worth about sixty billion today. What is his name?

Round 2 — iOS Hidden Gems & Knowledge

Question 1:
Tucked away inside of UIKit lies a debugging class created by Apple engineers called UIDebuggingOverlay — which UIKit object does it inherit from?

Question 2:
During its development in 2005, Steve Jobs said he either could “shrink the mac, which would be an epic feat of engineering, or enlarge the (blank)“ — what was the popular Apple device he referred to?

Question 3:
New versions of iOS required users and developers alike to update to it via iTunes, until which version enabled over the air updates?

Question 4: Which release of iPhone OS finally ditched that name and moved to traditional “iOS” naming convention we know today?

Since the inception of the iPhone, what’s the name of the standard application whose primary job is to manage the home screen, launch and bootstrap applications, managing some settings and start WindowServer?

Round 3 — Apple Brain Teasers

Question 1:
In one of Apple’s rare commercial failures, legend has it that around 2,500 of what hardware units are buried in a landfill in Utah?

Question 2:
Apple triumphantly joined what elite group of companies in 1983 (and has since never been left out of it) of U.S. corporations ranked by total revenue for their respective fiscal years?

Question 3: Apple released their first commercial computer for what controversial price, apparently due to Steve Wozniak’s love of repeating numbers?

Question 4:
We all know spilling water or drinks on your Mac can void its warranty, but what other popular activity (generally considered bad for our health) can you do around your Mac that will void its stock warranty?

Wildcard: Which famous English astronomer, mathematician and physicist was originally featured on Apple’s logo?

Answer Key

Round 1:

  1. 1983, in Monterey, California
  2. YellowBox
  3. SteveNotes!
  4. 1988! Dub Dub actually there before 2017, from 1988–2001
  5. Wildcard: Ronald Wayne

Round 2:

  1. UIWindow, not UIViewController
  2. The iPod
  3. iOS 5, in 2011
  4. iOS 3.2
  5. Wildcard: SpringBoard

Round 3:

  1. The Lisa 1
  2. The Fortune 500 list
  3. $666.66
  4. Smoking!
  5. Wildcard: Sir Isaac Newton. Because, you know, the whole Apple thing?

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