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WWDC 2022: The Pregame Quiz

// Written by Jordan Morgan // May 30th, 2022 // Read it in about 3 minutes // RE: Trivia

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Dub dub beckons, which means that the eighth annual edition of the Swiftjective-C WWDC Pregame Quiz is here! If you want to test your might first with the backlog, here are the previous trivia entries from 2015 ,2016, 2017 ,2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021!

let kickoff = try await trivia(with: .answerKeyAtTheBottom)

Ground Rules

There are three rounds, and the point break down is as follows:

  • Round 1 – 1 point each answer
  • Round 2 - 2 points each answer
  • Round 3 - 3 points each answer

The last question of each round is an optional wildcard question. Get it right, and your team gets 4 points, but miss it and the team will be deducted 2 points.

Round 1 - All About Displays 💻

Question 1:
The first iPhone sported a 3:2 aspect ratio at 163 ppi, but how many pixels was it packing?

A) 480 x 320
B) 320 x 480
C) 280 x 380
D) 380 x 520

Question 2:
Moving on, today we’ve got the Pro Display XDR - a slight improvement over the first iPhone’s display. Sporting a 6k screen and a 6016 × 3384 resolution, how many nits of brightness is the display capable of operating at?

A) 800
B) 1200
C) 1000
D) 1600

Question 3:
Let’s do another throwback - the first iPad, released in 2010. It had a 1024 x 768 pixel display, the largest seen on an “iOS” device at the time. But, do you remember how large its screen size was?

A) 11.2 inches
B) 8.2 inches
C) 9.7 inches
D) 10.0 inches

Question 4:
Sitting below the Pro Display XDR, we’ve got the Apple Studio Display. It comes packed with several features, but which of these is it missing?

A) 600 nits of brightness
C) 5k Display
D) P3 Wide Color Support

Oh, firmware. The gift that keeps on giving. It’s been stated that iOS 15 drives the Studio Display, and that an update might address its camera woes - but what other Apple product did iOS initially power outside of the iPhone?

A) Apple TV
B) HomePod
C) Apple Watch
D) Pro Display XDR

Round 2 — Watch Me ⌚️

Question 1:
Jony Ive has long said that a watch is a personal device, even a fashion statement. As such, all Apple Watch models have been sold in different casing variants except for which two models?

A) Series 1 and SE
B) SE and Apple Watch Edition
C) Series 2 and 3
D) Series 6 and SE

Question 2:
Each new version of an Apple Watch brings with it a new chip to power it. Of the eight mainline models to ship, all of their chips have been named Apple S[Series Version], so Apple S2 or Apple S4. Which of these names is the only one that has broken that convention?

A) Apple S1P
B) Apple SX
C) Apple SE
D) Apple Sr

Question 3:
As the Apple Watch has matured and found its niche, it’s been branded less as a fashion accessory and instead has leaned into its fitness aspects. Which of these apps launched alongside watchOS 3 to help drive this direction?

A) The Fitness App
B) The Nike Run App
C) The Breathe App
D) The Meditation App

Question 4:
Apple Watch has had many product collaborations over its lifetime, but which one of the following was the very first?

A) Louis Vuitton
B) Nike +
C) Under Armour
D) Hermès

The first Apple Watch wasn’t marketed as being water proof, and it sported an IPX7 rating. Which Apple Watch was the first that Apple explicitly marketed towards swimmers and surfers?

A) Series 1
B) Series 2
C) Series 4
D) Series 3

Round 3 — Apple History Randomizer 🍎

Question 1:
Apple is known as a technology company today, but in 1986 it introduced “The Apple Collection” - what was the product line for?

A) Notebooks
B) Clothing
C) Furniture
D) Jewelery

Question 2:
Apple is always in the details, as such - each product mock up used in advertisements is always showing the same time. What is it?

A) 9:41
B) 9:45
C) 11:00
D) 1:15

Question 3:
While the Apple I and Apple II were its first products, Apple shifted naming strategies for its next release - instead opting for a regular name instead. What was it?

A) Karen
B) Linda
C) Lisa
D) Janet

Question 4:
Apple is going hard on services right now, branding them under the + moniker. Which of these was the first one to go to market?

A) Apple iCloud+
B) Apple Fitness+
C) Apple TV+
D) Apple News+

Speaking of “+” releases - these services aren’t the first Apple products to use the word. What was the very first Apple product which had “Plus” in it?

A) Apple Macintosh Plus
B) Apple II Plus
C) Apple LaserWriter Plus
D) Apple III Plus

Answer Key

Round 1:

  1. B - 320x480.
  2. D - 1600, but only in environments cooler than 25 °C (77 °F).
  3. C - 9.7 inches.
  4. B - HDR.
  5. Wildcard: B - the HomePod, now powered by tvOS.

Round 2:

  1. A - The Series 1 and SE.
  2. A - Apple S1P, which shipped with the Series 1.
  3. C - The Breathe app debuted to facilitate mindfulness.
  4. D - Hermès in September, 2015.
  5. Wildcard: B - The Apple Watch Series 2.

Round 3:

  1. B - it was a clothing line.
  2. A - 9:41, since Apple usually introduces a new product dueing keynotes at the 40 minute mark.
  3. C - Lisa. Can you imagine the…Apple Janet 😆?
  4. D - Apple News+, launching on March 25, 2019.
  5. Wildcard: B - the Apple II Plus, shipping in June 1979.

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