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W.W.D.C. 2024: The Pregame Quiz

// Written by Jordan Morgan // May 27th, 2024 // Read it in about 5 minutes // RE: Trivia

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Back to the mothership! Our favorite annual conference is near, which means that the TENTH(!!) annual edition of the Swiftjective-C W.W.D.C. Pregame Quiz is ready to go! If you want to test your skills first with the quiz backlog, here are the previous trivia posts from:

Ground Rules

There are three rounds, and the point break down is as follows:

  • Round 1 – 1 point each answer
  • Round 2 - 2 points each answer
  • Round 3 - 3 points each answer

The last question of each round is an optional wildcard question. Get it right, and your team gets 4 points, but miss it and the team will be deducted 2 points.

Round 1 - Siri Superfans

Let’s chat all about the voice assistant, rumored to be powered up this year.

Question 1:
Siri is rumored to get a much-needed AI boost this year. Though it seems like a lifetime ago, Siri has been around for 13 years in production. What was the first iPhone to house the virtual assistant?
A) iPhone 4
B) iPhone 3GS
C) iPhone 4S
D) iPhone 5

Question 2:
In a world where AI companies are definitely not ripping off others’ voices to sound like the movie Her, which person was the original voice for Siri?
A) Jennifer Hale
B) Tara Strong
C) Susan Bennett
D) Nancy Cartwright

Question 3:
Siri now enjoys fairly deep integration with apps thanks to the App Intents framework. Though SiriKit was the OG way to link up with Siri, which version of iOS did it make its debut?
A) iOS 8
B) iOS 9
C) iOS 10
D) iOS 11

Question 4:
Though we widely say Siri and think of it as nothing more than a name, it’s actually derived from an acronym. What is it?
A) Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface
B) Speech Interpretation and Response Intelligence
C) Smart Interactive Response Interface
D) Systems Intelligent Recognition Interface

Believe it or not, Siri has a few acting credits — and one of them is fairly prominent. Which movie did Siri’s voice make an appearance?
A) The Lego Batman Movie
B) Despicable Me 3
C) Ralph Breaks the Internet
D) The Boss Baby

Round 2 - W.W.D.C. 2023

How well do you remember last year’s conference?

Question 1:
Last year was one of those dub dubs where we got some hardware announced (aside from, you know, the whole Apple Vision Pro thingy). A new Macbook Air 15 inch and Mac Pro were unveiled — what version of Apple silicon were they using?
A) M3 Ultra
B) M3
C) M2 Ultra
D) M2

Question 2:
Let’s move to the Apple Design Award winners. Which app won the Apple Design Award for innovation?
A) Camo
B) stitch.
C) Rise
D) SwingVision

Question 3:
Let’s go to UIKit changes (yeah, you all are toast now). Which part of UIKit was given a fairly big revamp in terms of how the API is used? Yeah, it’s a bit subjective — but you should know it when you see it.
A) UIScrollView.
B) Table and collection view cell registration.
C) UITraitCollection.
D) View controller lifecycle functions.

Question 4:
As developers, sometimes we forget about the consumer side of W.W.D.C. announcements. To that end, which of these features were not a part of the announcements for the (then upcoming) version of iOS?
A) NameDrop
B) Offline Maps
C) Check In
D) Customizable Lock Screen

The pandemic forced about every tech conference to rethink itself. Some, such as E3, didn’t survive while many (such as W.W.D.C.) adapted themselves into new formats. As such, this years marks the Xth year that Apple has had W.W.D.C. as a hybrid format:
A) The 2nd year.
B) The 3rd year.
C) The 4th year.
D) The 5th year.

Round 3 - Early iPad O.G. Trivia

How well do you remember the first iPads released?

Question 1:
A certain late-night TV host showcased the second iPad in a sketch where it was juxtaposed as good news against current events. Who was it?
A) Jimmy Kimmel
B) David Letterman
C) Stephen Colbert
D) Conan O’Brien

Question 2:
How well has inflation treated us? Well, let’s consider the very first iPad. What did the base model retail for?
A) $399
B) $499
C) $599
D) $699

Question 3:
We know Apple loves its codenames. What name was rumored to be the iPad’s codename?
A) Sonoma
B) Amber
C) K48
D) Kanga

Question 4:
Which technology was famously not supported on the iPad, which even resulted in a letter from Steve Jobs justifying the decision?
A) Java Applets
B) Macromedia Shockwave
C) Microsoft Silverlight
D) Adobe Flash

We always want to wax poetic about what we think the iPad should do. Chief among them? Multitasking. Which versions of iOS first introduced multitasking to iPad, and then later Stage Manager?
A) iOS 9 and iOS 16
B) iOS 8 and iOS 16
C) iOS 10 and iOS 16
D) iOS 9 and iOS 15



Answer Key

Round 1:

  1. C. The iPhone 4S.
  2. C. The venerable Susan Bennett
  3. C. iOS 10 indeed.
  4. A. Coined by the original Siri creators.
  5. Wildcard: A, The Lego Batman Movie

Round 2:

  1. C. The M2 Ultra. Kinda hard to keep track of these things.
  2. D. SwingVision. Though you still gotta feel for Camo and the whole Continuity Camera situation.
  3. C. Table and collection view cell registration were a few years ago, trait collection switched all up.
  4. D. That came with iOS 16, the year prior.
  5. Wildcard: B, this is year three (starting in 2022).

Round 3:

  1. C. Stephen Colbert
  2. B. Depending on how you look at it, it’s mostly held - which makes me think it was fairly expensive at launch back then.
  3. C. K48. The iPhone 4’s was N90, so there seems to be a commonality between codename structure.
  4. D. Adobe Flash - which history seems to confirm was the right choice.
  5. Wildcard: A. That was iOS 9 and iOS 16, respectively.

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